Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V)

Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V) is a process that verifies and validates the accuracy of a project based on written specifications and requirements. IV&V is inclusive of the certification of a review or audit of the project. We implement IV&V as an independent entity. There are typically five main phases for an IV&V project:


IV&V Management is the foundation for all inputs and outputs to and from the project team. Any issues identified during the analysis phase are detected and reported during the management phase. Documentation and project data is developed and maintained for IV&V analysis. Management activities also include planning tasks that include the creation of the project plan. Directing, report and controlling activities are implemented during this phase.

Requirements Analysis

This phase verifies that requirements are sufficient in accordance to a standard (CMMI, RUP, etc). All project requirements are validated to ensure that they meet a standardized process. Requirements are traced to ensure of completeness.

Design Analysis

This phase verifies that the design and implementation phases of the project life cycle are performed in accordance with the development plan.

Independent Testing and Analysis

A Testing and Analysis reviews the test artifacts, development of test plans, evaluates the testing process and the integration of the independent testing tasks. Coordination of the project test and evaluation (T&E) team occurs to reduce test redundancy. Test execution also occurs during this phase.

Process Improvements

This phase reviews recommendations for improvement analysis of the process. Changes to the current IV&V methodologies are considered and new ideas are considered for incorporation into the existing process.


What We Do

Software Testing and Quality Assurance

Our eight (8) core IV&V practice areas include reviews, inspections, audits, testing, assessments, standards, reporting and risk management. We provide software testing and quality assurance services for commercial and federal clients. We work with all types of processes, including industry standards and processes that our clients already have in place. We believe that the "process" has to be of good quality in order for the "product" to be of good quality.

Technical Solutions

We utilize current technology and tools to evaluate software and systems. Quality can be verified for all types of applications and systems. We are test tools experts and, when applicable, advocates for automation; if automation is not applicable, we verify quality by other appropriate means.

We provide technical solutions for full life cycle IV&V (Independent Verification & Validation). We offer solutions for all types of software testing and quality assurance requirement. We are software and system testing experts that provide superior IV&V services. We can test your system and apply industry standards to the process.

Independent Evaluations

HCS provides an independent evaluation of the quality of the Application or System Under Test. Our evaluation will determine if the software or system satisfies the customer's requirements before implementation

We will provide IV&V during the following phases of the software or systems life cycle:


We implement the following types of IV&V activities:

Reviews - Tracks progress and conformance to goals.
Inspections - Determining if a software or system artifact meets requirements.
Audits - Enforcement; determines if a software or system artifact meets standards and guidelines.
Tests - Verifying software or system behavior against requirements.
Assessments - Evaluations for required compliances.
Standards - Establishing standards based on requirements.
Reporting - Documentation of findings indicating compliance or non-compliance.
Risk Management - Analyzing exposure to risk and determining how to handle the exposure.


Offers a variety of solutions for your software or system. These solutions include, but are not limited to, the following:

User Interface Tests
Performance, Load and Stress Test
Test Automation
Web Testing (e-commerce application)
Functional Tests (black box testing)
Security Tests
Database Tests
Help System Tests
Software Installation Tests
Configuration and Compatibility Tests
Mainframe Testing
Client-server Testing
White Box Testing (code testing)
Integration and Regression Testing
Design Analysis
Requirements Analysis and Development
User Acceptance Testing support (UAT)
Recovery Tests
Usability Tests
Robustness Tests
Additional IV&V can be customized for the customer's needs

How We Do It

Our participation & involvement during the software or systems life cycle will include but is not limited to the following activities:

Test Planning

Plans will define the purpose, scope of tests, the tasks performed, the required resources necessary for testing, the deliverables used and produced for the test, and the expected results. Definitions of data preparation, output review techniques that will be used, and system interfaces will be outlined in the test plans.


Test Readiness Review, Design Reviews, Product Reviews, In-Process Reviews, Walkthroughs, Inspections.

Test Results

Prepare and deliver test results, develop test data requirements. Determine if deliverables are in adherence to customer standards and satisfy customer requirements.

Status Reporting

Prepare and deliver weekly status reports with documentation of bug reports and test progression. Prepare and deliver all customer required status reports.


Ensure that all tests are conducted in accordance with established customer security practices and procedures.

Test Execution

Execute test and review output from test execution.

Defect Tracking

Report and deliver software defects and documentation.

Quality Management

Quality policies, TQM Systems, Quality Planning, Quality Principles

Quality Control

Customer satisfaction, Problem Management, Problem Reporting, Analysis and Corrective Action

Defect Measurements



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We promote quality engineering practices!!

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