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HCS delivers high quality, reliable and cost-effective IT services to customers globally. We provide world-class technology services by constantly exploring and implementing innovative solutions that drive long-term value to our customers. The core HCS philosophy dwells on the synergistic balance between people, processes and technology to drive improvements, maximize value and enhance business performance through cost reduction, increase in productivity, and better adherence to regulatory & compliance norms. It is slowly becoming transformative and universal in its appeal.

The HCS employs a multi-faceted approach for assisting clients in meeting business challenges. Because of the unique needs of each client, the scope of every improvement project will vary greatly. Consequently, HCS approach begins by providing expert management advice in developing a strategic plan complimentary to overall business objectives, and expands to a full systems integration project involving implementation of end-to-end business solutions.

HCS was founded to solve mid-tier problems - where medium to large size IT companies face a steady diet of technology upgrades, application rollouts and business problems which require solutions and services beyond their own.

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