Industry Based Solutions

Finance Banking Securities

Rapid progress in information and communication technology is an important factor changing all the sectors in most countries. The strong effects of technology are particularly visible in the finance industry. Technology drastically reduces cost of providing financial services and is responsible for structural change in conjunction with globalization and deregulation. Moreover, to survive and excel in the fast changing environment, your business must move faster to succeed.(More.....)


Insurance companies need to focus on specific customer attributes, convenience, infrastructure support for new service delivery, and provision for a wide range of services across dissimilar populations.

HCS Insurance Practice serves clients across the full spectrum of insurance and asset management. The practice knowledge domain includes all areas specific to risk and asset management, including underwriting, pricing, distribution, claims management, IT, operational effectiveness, and investment management. (More.....)

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

HCS helps clients towards better-managed care, by providing state-of-the-art, end-to-end healthcare solutions in areas that include hospital management systems and decision support systems through its Healthcare Practice. HCS has considerable business and technology expertise, backed by specialists drawn from medical sciences, bio-medical engineering and information technology. We execute turnkey projects for hospitals and healthcare institutes in which we provide end-to-end solutions from hardware, software, networking, to fully integrated and scalable Internet solutions. Through our data warehousing and data mining expertise, we build decision support systems for clinical and critical pathways.(More.....)


Deregulation, broadband, mobile communications, HCS convince, triple play -- whether you see these as daunting challenges or incredible opportunities, you need solutions that will ensure your company succeeds in today's fast changing Telecom industry. The need for software services within the telecom sector has been steadily increasing over the years, especially with the demand for telecommunication services.(More.....)

Enterprise Solutions

Are you tired of purchasing a seemingly endless set of Design Automation tools created to service specific needs, only to find the process of integrating the tools more cumbersome than the previous manual methods of engineering and manufacturing?

No matter what specific solution you require, our professional consulting team will help you choose the "best-of-breed" technology solutions that provide optimum performance to maximize your competitive advantage as well as your return on investment.(More.....)

ERP Solutions

HCS provides consulting on multiple technologies in order to build world class applications to automate the entire enterprise. Many organizations go through the arduous task of developing and implementing ERP's. ERP applications require a great deal of time and effort to install, manage, and support the business interests. To keep these applications running is critical for organizations day-to-day business operations. It is almost certainly not a core competency vital to defining and differentiating an organization. Yet applications management consumes large amounts of valuable IT and business resources that could be used more strategically to achieve the stakeholders needs. Enterprise application outsourcing also eliminates the critical issue of applications maintenance. Organizations can refo/cus their efforts on leadership activities that grow the business, secure competitive advantage, and increase stakeholder value. This also benefits the organizations by lowering operating costs, have enhanced technical capabilities, and enjoy improved performance and service. Changes in technology or updating the enterprise applications according to changing business needs will no longer be a challenge as this activity will be the responsibility of the outsourcing partner.(More.....)


HCS provides it's Clients with Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services from both Onshore and Offshore locations to meet specific Clients needs. HCS is a value added service provider to various levels of global, state and local Government, Business & Industry requiring key areas of professional assistance & support.(More.....)

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